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Der CFD Pionier

Cham wurde 1974 von Professor Brian Spalding gegründet. Brian_Spalding Das Unternehmen ist ein weltweit führendes Beratungs-und Softwarehaus spezialisiert auf Computersimulation von Strömung und Wärmeübertragung Prozesse.CHAM HQ ist in Wimbledon, London, England, mit Tochtergesellschaften in Japan und Russland sowie Vertretungen in über 25 Ländern weltweit. PHOENICS wurde 1981 veröffentlicht.

The name PHOENICS, as an acronym for Parabolic Hyperbolic or Elliptic Numerical Integration Code Series, first appeared in a CHAM report dated around 1977; but it was not applied to a specific software package until 1980.

Prior to that time, CHAM had been developing individual flow- simulation codes which, although bearing a strong family resemblance to one another, had different authors, functions and eventual users. Codes were then supplied, in source form, to commercial and academic users, who then applied them, and even developed them further, with varying degrees of success. With the increase in the numbers of users, and in their ambitions to perform complex flow-simulating calculations, there came an increasing incidence of disappointments: it had become impossible to maintain quality and reliability, now that so many persons could gain access to the software.

CHAM therefore decided, early in 1980, to concentrate all its development and application efforts on a single computer code, so structured as to be able to meet all then-known and -foreseeable flow-simulation needs, and to divide it into two parts, one of which would be fully accessible to the users, while the other would be closed. The accessible parts would be those concerned with data input, with output display, and with those aspects of the models which were subject to change with advancing research.

When a name for this code was sought, PHOENICS was the obvious choice; and it has been used ever since. At first, the PHOENICS code was used by CHAM for its own in-house consultancy work; but it was soon recognised that it had become well-enough engineered to be used by persons who had played no part in its development. The decision was therefore made, in 1981, to offer it for public commercial use.

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Professor Brian Spalding has received his Franklin Medal in Philadelphia


  • FLAIR ist ein PHOENICS Zusatzmodul für die Technische Gebäudeausrüstung (TGA). FLAIR ist sehr geeignet für Komfortberechnugen, Windsimulationen und Brandsimulationen.


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