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Modelling Capabilities


  • Problem dimensionality: one, two and three dimensions.
  • Time dependence: steady state and transient processes.
  • Grid systems: Cartesian, cylindrical-polar and curvilinear co-ordinates; rotating co-ordinate systems; multi-block grids and fine grid embedding.
  • Compressible/incompressible flows.
  • Newtonian/non-Newtonian flows.
  • Subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows.
  • Flow in porous media, with direction-dependent resistances.
  • Convection, conduction and radiation; conjugate heat transfer, with a library of solid materials and automatic linkage at the solid fluid interface.
  • A wide range of built-in turbulence models for high and low-Reynolds number flows; LVEL model for turbulence in congested domains and a variety of K-E models, including RNG, two- scale and two-layer models.
  • Multi-phase flows of three kinds with a variety of built-in interphase-transfer models:
    • Inter-penetrating continua, including turbulence and modulation;
    • Particle tracking, including turbulence dispersion effects;
    • Free-surface flows.
  • Finite-volume approach on staggered or collocated grids, with 13 choices of discretisation schemes for convection.
  • Combustion and Nox models, with a range of diffusion and kinetically controlled models including the unique Multi-Fluid Model for turbulent chemical reaction.
  • Chemical kinetics including multi-component diffusion and variable properties. Built-in interface to the CHEMKIN chemical database.
  • Advanced radiation models, including surface-surface model with calculated view factors, a six-flux model and composite radiosity model for radiative heat transfer, known as IMMERSOL
  • Mechanical and thermal stresses in immersed solids can be computed at the same time as the fluid flow and heat transfer.


  • FLAIR ist ein PHOENICS Zusatzmodul für die Technische Gebäudeausrüstung (TGA). FLAIR ist sehr geeignet für Komfortberechnugen, Windsimulationen und Brandsimulationen.


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